Understanding Moore’s Law, the Singularity, and Ray Kur



We are living in a world where computers are outperforming humans in more areas at an exponential rate. Whether you think this phenomenon is frightening, exciting, or somewhere in between, almost everyone can agree that it is an interesting topic. The more you learn about Moore’s Law (the exponential growth in computing power) and the Singularity (the point where computer’s can make themselves better than we can make them), the more you’ll understand just how important this topic is. One man has been spreading his ideas for the past few decades about what he believes will happen in the future. With his expertise and accomplishments, it may be a good idea to listen to him.

Ray Kurzweil is arguably one of the most intelligent and influential people on the planet and has been a pioneer for the recognition of this major event. Just a fraction of what he’s known for is predicting future events involving technology. His incredible list of achievements includes winning first place in the 1965 International Science Fair for inventing the classical music synthesizing computer at the age of 17. Kurzweil’s feats and future predictions will be discussed in more depth on this site as time goes.

o-RAY-KURZWEIL-facebook.jpgNEW DELHI, INDIA – MARCH 17: Ray Kurzweil Inventor, author, futurist speaks at the India Today Conclave 2012 in New Delhi on Saturday, March 17, 2012. (Photo by Kaushik Roy/India Today Group/Getty Images)




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