Will Your Next Car Drive Itself?

It is understandable if this thought comes off as unrealistic, but it is a very possible scenario. In fact, there are already a number of cars that you can purchase with “driver-assist” technology. These features include blindspot detection assist, collision warning/prevention, parking assist, and even active cruise control (cruise control that slows down for drivers in front of you). A man and his company has been making strides the past few years in trying make the dream of automated vehicles a reality.



Elon Musk is one of the founders of PayPal and eventually became a billionaire through selling PayPal and by being the companies largest shareholder. He has founded several promising companies, with one of them being Tesla Motors, a pioneering automotive and energy storage company. The reason for Tesla’s vehicles being so important is that they are all fully electric and can run for a few hundred miles on a single charge.

Though, Elon and Tesla Motors aren’t stopping there. Elon was quoted, saying that Tesla vehicles will drive themselves two years from now.

The advantages of having an automated car are huge. Think of all of the hours spent by the average American commuting per day, month, or year. You could sit back and read, catch up on schoolwork or work for your job, take a nap, or anything else you would like. These days are coming soon. The only questions are how lawmakers will react to these cars taking the roads and how much freedom they will give the driver (passenger?) to do what they want behind the wheel and how understanding they will be to change laws in order for research and development for self-driving cars to stay on a progressive course.


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