Nanotechnology May Save Your Life One Day

Arguably the biggest reason why technology in general improves over time, is because we learn how to shrink the transistors in a computer chip, so in turn, we can add more “thinking power” to the same amount of space, to put into layman’s terms. This is all what nanotechnology is about. It is the goal of shrinking the computer, while also having it be “smart” enough to do a desired task.

Think about the original Gameboy’s size and what it could do performance wise. It was about the size of a brick, and had terrible graphics on a dim, black and green display. Nowadays, we could easily take the all of Gameboy’s abilities and put it on your phone as a simple application.


The image above is the idea behind nanotechnology, but it is already being used for so much more than just the storage of memory. Imagine how powerful and small we could make computers in just another 20 years time. nanobots

The existence of nanobots like the ones in the conceptual photo above are a very real possibility in the near future. These nanobots could be used to deliver treatments in a far more efficient way than we can now, from fighting off cancer cells to repairing damaged organs from a would be fatal car crash.

Assuming a mad scientist doesn’t program a bunch of these to eat the skin off your body or something similar, I believe the future of nanotechnology in the medical field is very bright.


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