Are We Living In a Simulation?

You may be aware of the movie, “The Matrix”, where it’s revealed early that the main character, Neo has been living his whole life inside a simulation for the benefit of his AI overlords. What if I told you that there is a decent chance that we are actually living inside a simulation much like the one from The Matrix?

I’m not going to fear monger and tell you that the Simulation Hypothesis IS true and that you should be afraid, but when you sit down and listen to the scientists who believe that it is indeed a possibility, it turns into an interesting discussion very quick.


Try and imagine how incredibly large the observable universe is. With an estimated 100 billion stars (probably many more that we can not see) and with most of those stars have planets orbiting them, just imagine how much intelligent life there “should” be around us. The Universe is estimated to be around 13.6 billion years old, with potential life growing on planets up to 10 billions years ago. Us homo sapiens have only been around for 100,000 years.

Just think about that for a second. With all of the potential for life throughout the universe on trillions of planets that could have been advancing before Earth even existed, where are the aliens?


The thought is traveling through space is very difficult. So much so that no matter how advanced a species gets, there is just no way to communicate with other habitable planets since everything is so far away from each other. What would be easier, would be to create your own universe that you could visit by just “plugging in”. This could be seen as a far advanced version of the virtual reality that we had access to today (see my previous blog post).


These advanced life forms could create their own simulated universes inside a computer program, and even create everything we know from the Sun, Earth, and even you and your family. Think this is impossible? Think of where the human race was 300 years ago technologically speaking. There were no cars, no light bulbs, no TV, etc. We have grown so fast in such a short amount of time partially thanks to Moore’s Law, imagine what an intelligent life form like us could due with billions of years.





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