The Innovations of Tokyo 2020

If you didn’t know already, Japan has taken robotics and other cool technologies into their culture with open arms. They have arguably been the leader in nudging robots into their lives for the past couple of decades. Since learning that they will be hosting the Olympics in 2020, Japan has been planning what any country does when hosting the Olympics. They will show off.

Assuming that Rio 2016 will be a complete bust, the world will be looking forward to Tokyo’s promising features in 2020. Besides the awesome robot servants that will help people find their way and serve food to attendees, here are a few features that will blow the world away.

Video: Japan Self Driving Car

Japan plans to reveal self-driving taxis to transport people around. Since their won’t be any human error with how the car preforms, it is believed that these cars will help reduce traffic and accidents, since they will only behave with the most rational responses. This would be a huge step for autonomous cars finally hitting the market, which is amazing, but it may not even be the feature that steals the show for most people.

Shooting Star Satelite

Shooting Star Particle

The pictures above represent the plans to create artificial meteor showers for the people of Tokyo and their attendees. It is expected that a satellite will release particles that will then entire the atmosphere above Japan. Since the particles will be released going the speed of several miles a second, the particles will burn up in the atmosphere, creating what is essentially a meteor shower. Though, personally, the last feature I will mention will be what I am looking forward to the most.


I have to give a shout out to my love, virtual reality. Even for Rio 2016, you will be able to watch live coverage of selected sporting events in virtual reality, so it’s pretty much guaranteed that Tokyo will kick it up a notch and offer most, if not all events available for live streaming in VR. The camera above shows the type of lenses that are needed to give you the sense of depth when using a VR headset. These cameras will be placed on the sideline or in the front row of each event, giving you an experience that is just as good as being right next to the Olympic action yourself.



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